The Biggest Asset to Your Business

This summer has been amazing!  I have gathered plenty of professional advice from a couple of successful business leaders. One guy was from Florida. He owned a Yacht, a mansion, several homes, and cars. He had a nice family and owned several properties throughout the United States, but here he was talking to little ol’ me. Yes, he worked in real estate, but that was not the key to his success. Instead, he told me what a local widow also said concerning her husband. Her husband was a simple carpenter who managed to own acres of land by a lake, and leave her with assets for a lifetime. The widow and the real estate owner both proclaimed “success comes from discipline.”

People who are not successful in business are because they are not disciplined. This is in regards to your money, your time, your networking, and your customer service. So let’s dive right in. We’ve been taught that we must save and not waste our money. Well, the silver lining of this is although it seems like you can’t afford to save. You can and you must! Why? Because you will eventually have to pay taxes, and you will eventually have to retire. So save now and stick to the plan. This is why you create a business plan and a personal budget. Some people may not like your diligence and your dedication to your your saving lifestyle, but I imagine those will be the same people who would love to go on vacation with you when you are a successful business person. So stay dedicated to the vision. Now if the plan changes then fine. The point is, make a new concrete plan and stick to it. There are plenty of resources to aide you in this discipline.

Study your success patterns. If you need to wake up early in the morning (5AM) and go to bed on time (8-10PM) to be successful. Then do that! This is the pattern of most successful people. They stay up late ONLY when there is absolutely no other alternative to finishing the project by deadline. Consider paying someone or gathering volunteers for projects so that you can stick to the plan. Regardless, don’t allow simply things to hender you from staying disciplined.  Staying disciplined means not compromising with other peoples feelings, activities, or time for the sake of your loss. It means you respect you enough to maintain your own personal integrity. One of my disciplines is constant engagement on social media publicly and privately. I have also decided that if I’m going to give one customer outstanding customer service. Then I must make sure to strive to do that with every person I come in contact with. As a young business owner, this advice was something I needed to here. “Be disciplined” I hope it inspires you just as it has me, because staying discipline is truly the biggest asset to your business and to your life. Please feel free to comment below.



Author: Anthony R. Caraway

Founder of Caraway Business Solutions

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