Let’s Get Branded

Honestly, a branding strategy may come in different ways. There is gorilla marketing, which is simply being unique in bringing attention to your product. There is also marketing and branding where you enjoying being second place. Yes, second place really works. You don’t compete with who is number one, but you compete with the rest of the industry. Just think about it! Who is second place to Apple? AT&T? General Motors? Wal-Mart? Whoever it is, they are still making a lot of money. However, the branding I want to discuss today is the branding before you get to this level.

Many entrepreneurs strive to market a product by convincing the world why your product is the best. This is good, but you should consider saving and perfecting this for you elevator pitch, sponsors, or your shark tank experience. Let me tell you why!

Right now you are your brand. Therefore, how you interact on social media, how you carry yourself in public, your network, and spending habits all are a reflection of your brand. You don’t want to sale yourself as annoying or cheap. For instance, if all you do on your Facebook page is market your products, your friends will either support you 100%, or unfollow you. Some of you may say “oh well” Im going to do it like this and they can unfollow me if they want to, but that is a prideful approach and you are losing money, losing time, and your audience. A great entrepreneur thinks from the perspective of the consumer. Therefore, to build your brand consider posting relative content for the viewing of your customers, interactive content concerning your brand, and positive things concerning yourself.

When people think of me they either think of my business or my ministry. When they think of either of these. They think about the quality and results. The quality of the product should sale itself. You are not responsible for selling the quality. You are responsible for selling or revealing you. So now ask yourself the question: What does my brand look like? How may I improve or change my branding strategy? Please post your thoughts concerning this article below including other things you think about concerning branding. If you need help building a better personal or business brand visit http://www.carawaybusinesssolutions.com. We will be happy to assist you.