The Effective Entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs soon find out that their occupation can become a bit busy and sometimes overwhelming. This is why it is important that every business person or leader of a company create them a workflow. A workflow is a consistent process in which you plan to get the job done. Creating flexibility with this process is totally up to you, but I must admit a standard workflow is necessary for success. The workflow helps save time, energy, and money.

For instance, when I started as a freelance photographer, I took pictures of clients, then edited every picture, then I decided which ones I liked after I edited them. This took me a couple of days if I did a wedding that had 1000 pics. Now, because of resources and preparation, it may only take me a couple of hours to do this. I even have a workflow concerning this blog. I set a time to write, write a outline, a rough draft, title, proofread, add a photo, publish, and share.

A workflow is essential in other tasks like writing a book, if you have a lot to do in your day, or if you are a leader of a company. The reason it’s important is because it is so easy to become distracted, especially if you don’t have an accountability partner. Create a time to fish through your email, and also find time to browse social media. Pinpoint these times because you will find yourself losing valuable time if not.



Author: Anthony R. Caraway

Founder of Caraway Business Solutions

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